How hard is it convert to Islam | How hard is it to convert to be a Muslim

  It is not too hard to convert to Islam. If you believe Allah (God ) is one and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah (God). You are also Muslim. But you have to accept it with your heart as well as with your mouth.

What to say to convert to Islam or what to say when someone converts to Islam?

It’s called Shahada. The Shahada means the declaration of faith in one God (Allah) and His messenger.

The Shahada (shahadah) is the Arabic term for the declaration of faith in one God (Allah) and His messenger.

 Shahada First you have to speak in Arabic. Then your language, for example English. 

how to convert someone to Islam in Arabic 

 So, repeat with me -"Ashadu an la ilaha illallah, wa ashhadu anna muhammadan rasulullah". 

How hard is it to convert to Islam

If you read this, you are now a Muslim. Now say it in your language. I am giving it in English.  If your language is not English,  you will need a translation. 

So, repeat with me - "I bear witness that there is no deity (none truly to be worshipped)  but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah". 

How hard is it to convert to Islam

As soon as you declare Shahada, all the sins of your life are erased and filled with rewards. You are now like an innocent child who has no sin at this moment. 

You are now a Muslim, welcome to Islam my Brother/Sister.

 All your past sins are erased. You are literally like a newborn baby without sin.


Now you go to the nearest mosque and contact the imam. If you want, you can declare Shahada once in front of the Imam.

The reason for saying this is that once you declare Shahadawith the Imam, more Muslims will know about you. You will get help from them with any problem.


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